Cookie Policy

Like many other websites, uses small text files (called cookies) which are stored on your browser to perform a variety of functions. Below is some information covering the types of cookies this website uses and why.

Analytics Cookies

We use Google analytics to track how people find and use our website. We use this information to identify how well this site is working, which areas are performing well and what areas could potentially be improved. This information is gathered anonymously and stored by Google.

Conversion Tracking Cookies

We also spend money on various online marketing chanels (like Google Adwords). To monitor the performance of our marketing efforts we sometimes use conversion tracking cookies associated with specific actions (eg signing up to our email news letter) so we can measure how effective each marketing avenue has been.

Embedded Video Cookies

Sometimes we embed videos from other websites such as on our website. When we embed a video this allows the video provider to also set cookies on your browser. In most cases they will be using cookies to gather infromation which will allow them to improve their service. For more up to date information about specific cookies check with the video provider.

Social Media Cookies

We try to be as active as possible on various social media platforms and as such use a number of social media tools on this website. Each tool and plugin will be able to set cookies on your browser. For the most up to date information about specific social media cookies please check with the social media website in question.

Settings Cookies

This website uses a number of cookies to remember your settings and preferences. These cookies are there to make your life easier.

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