Design and specification

Deciding on the right IT structure to support your operations is not easy. The overwhelming range of ever-changing options available on the market today is as complex as the language used to describe them. Through consultancy with our team of experts, we'll help decode the jargon to recommend options that are as efficient and effective as they are secure and scalable.

Set-up and go

We have a specialist team of fully-trained engineers who will manage every last detail of your IT installation and set-up. We work closely with you to ensure users are up-and-running quickly with minimal disruption, plugging your new IT system into the business as seamlessly as possible, right down to the very last mouse.

Data and systems security

The data held by your business is one of its most valuable and precious assets. We make sure it stays secure by constructing robust IT systems built on the most up-to-date standards and ensuring there are the back-up measures in place to safeguard your business data at all times, using both online and off-site storage options.

Find out more about our IT Security Services. J&L is Cyber Essentials certified.

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