Planning and strategy

Our approach is based on a clear understanding of your business requirements, starting with a no obligation, free-of-charge consultation. Whether you're after a digital showcase or a full e-commerce functionality to maximise online sales, we can create a plan with options that match your objectives and budget so that when it comes time to go live, you can be confident your site will hit the objectives set out on day one.

Design and build

While there's a lot going on in the code, at a more basic level your site just needs to give users what they want: a slick experience with great design and smooth functionality across desktop, tablet and mobile. We work closely with our clients throughout the graphic design and build phases so that the look, feel and performance of the finished product is as impressive as the code on which it's built.

Hosting and technical support

We manage our own high-performance secure servers and we only provide hosting for our own clients so your site's in safe hands. And when testing's all done and you're ready to go live, support's never far away, from helping you manage updates via ContentPORT, our content management system, to answering technical queries, we can provide the necessary advice and ongoing support. 

J&L Digital
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