Request Support

Response Times
We categorise requests for work in three ways:

Requests are tasks which need to be performed to administer or update a system.  Examples include setting up new users or deploying equipment, changing passwords, providing guidance on how to use a system, or managing content in a website or database.
We will respond within a maximum of 2 working days to these requests.

Incidents are classed as situations where an individual is prevented from performing their day to day work due to either a system being offline or a system not functioning as expected.
We will respond within a maximum of 1 working day to these requests.

Changes & Quotations:
Larger projects which require more extensive system alterations, software development or installations will initially be analysed and discussed with you.  A proposal will then be written for you with an estimation of project duration. Once commissioned an approximate completion date will be established.
All projects are prioritised accordingly.

Response and Resolution
The above response times are indicative of the maximum time we will take to make an initial analysis of your request and establish an effective approach to completing the work.
The technical, interdependent and constantly changing nature of IT means that there is no guarantee of the amount of time or number of hours work it will take for your request to be fully resolved.
Occasionally some equipment or software may be out of support by the manufacturer or beyond economic repair.  In these instances we will inform you as soon as we are able to establish that a replacement or upgrade is required.

Operational Hours
Our office and helpdesk is open Monday to Friday - 9am to 5:30pm GMT, with the exception of public holidays.  Although our data centre engineers monitor and manage our data centre 24 x 7; they will only be able to respond to customer support requests within the times stated above.

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